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Floyd Flower Power

Making Floyd Bloom!

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Flowers...They bring joy to our hearts and food to our pollinators.    A sign of hope, they are nature’s promise of the fruit that will follow.  Maybe its instinctive to love flowers.   Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together. We can all help make Floyd a more “blooming” place to live and to share with our visitors!

Floyd Flower Power is a new initiative in town, to encourage and help people to grow more flowers of all kinds.  Wildflowers are especially nice for our native pollinators, but trees, bushes, herbs and garden vegetables all have flowers too.  We can each improve the quality of the environment around us by getting to know our flowers, improving our care for them and even planting more.

Floyd Flower Power’s goal is to help Floyd BLOOM!! Join us by perusing our Projects page to see how you can help in our efforts to make our little community come to life with colorful flowers and greenery that enhance Floyd all year long.


Floyd is a charming community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. We have beautiful views and farmland that can take you back to simpler times. With only one stoplight in the entire county, we cherish all things created naturally and organically. Here you will find a treasure of artists, crafters, and musicians who have found their niche in our county. Our mission is to continue to make Floyd a destination where people can find respite and pleasure while they escape the hustle and bustle of the cities that surround us.  A place to stop, relax and smell the flowers.

Floyd Flower Power is a committee of our local non-profit, community-focused, Partnership for Floyd. The volunteer force that brought us Lineberry Park and our Floyd educational nature trails.  The Park to Library Trail downtown and the Dodd Creek Trail behind the ballfields at the Recreation Park both have signs along the way to identify our trees and flowering perennial plants.